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Hi, I am Marieka, and welcome to Money Chill Out! On this podcast, I want to dive into the world of the often unspoken topic of money. Effective personal finance management can be a great liberator but also a huge stress factor in our lives. After a 10y career on trading floors in London, I want to help demystify the intimidating world of finance and have an open, honest, and frank conversation. By opening the discussion I wish you identify yourself, learn, be inspired, and get empowered. Every other week, I will be joined by guests for a conversation on money, mindset, investment habits, and any best practices they abide by! So join me on this journey as we unpick the complexities of finance and get more comfortable talking about our money.

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🎙 “I thought a lot of the finance world was a bit shallow and I wanted to give more meaning to what I was doing”Whatever industry you’re in, do you have the same desire?Today, I am very pleased to welcome Stéphanie Mielnik, CFA to Money Chill Out Podcast Out, a woman who put in the effort to find a job 100% aligned with her values.She works for the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute, an NGO that advocates for climate transition within the fixed income markets. Or in other words, how to redirect capital flows from dirty to green by bringing awareness and using a market-based approach.In this episode, we are talking about :🍀 What is green finance?💫 Her action to help financial institutions restructure their portfolio with green financials💡 New initiatives like sustainability linked bonds💥 Positive news with players shying away from fossil fuelsSuch an interesting discussion with an optimist expert, to bring you up to date with initiatives in this space. Let’s go!#podcast #sustainability #investing #fixedincome #financialliteracy

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