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Dan Kennedy and Benjamin Harrison

A comedy fiction podcast from Ben Harrison (The Greatest Generation) and Dan Kennedy (McSweeney's, founding host of The Moth Podcast ). Someone drinking at Casa Vega described the show as, "It's like Alan Partridge but at a 90's alternative rock station. Or like Comedy Bang Bang, but 90's radio." That person was killed by shadowy members of a nautically themed gang. Here's how we describe KPODD 101.3 since we're still living: Two L.A. morning radio DJs return to the airwaves in the 1990s after being suspended and sent to rehab. Machine Bolt and Él Farto are on a savage journey to better living. The mics are always on a little too early and each episode starts with the accidentally aired unvarnished small talk that lurks behind their positivity personas. The oddest characters invade their lives, and the occasional mysterious rips in the space-time continuum add a note of science fiction weird to the morning drive. You may have questions: Are they the only ones trapped in the 90s? Why did a giant python constrict the HR lady's Chihuahua? Why does this version of reality include the SeVan® conversion kit that turns most economy sedans into custom vans by appearance at most angles? Is Station Manager Gene from the future? Why does Producer Lynn dress like Kurt Cobain if he hosted a bird watching show on NPR? Start with a recent episode. Then jump around. Because there's no right way to travel back or forward in time. Everyone knows that. Right?

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The 90s Are Alive and Well. Machine Bolt and Él Farto take a moment to look back on some special guests from Season 1 of KPODD 101.3 Some people (Gene) say that these are some of the most brilliant people in public radio, literary culture, or TV writers and producers simply playing funny characters in a period comedy about a Los Angeles radio station in 1997-1998. Literally, is Gene insane? Is he, like, from the future? Guests: Jesse Thorn (NPR’s Bullseye, “Jordan, Jesse, Go!”); Laurie Kilmartin (Conan/Team Coco, Author and Comedian); Mike Sacks (Vanity Fair, Author); Paul Myers (Gravelberrys, The Paul & John, Author); Jessica Lee Williamason (Netflix’s “F is For Family”, Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here”, The Moth, This American Life); Lauren Weedman (HBO’s “Hacks”, “Arrested Development”, “The Daily Show”, Comedian); Alison Rosen (“Upworthy”, “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend”, The Angoras); Colin Nissan (McSweeney’s, The New Yorker); Josh Gondelman (Showtime’s “Desus & Mero”, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” Author, Comedian); Dave Holmes (Editor at Large, Esquire Magazine, Author, Co-Host of “Homophilia” and “Troubled Waters”); Ophira Eisenberg (The Moth, NPR’s “Ask Me Another”, Author, Comedian); Tim Stevens (Automotive Journalist at CNET and Author). And last but not least, Nathram! (Ted Travelstead from F/X’s “The Great North”, “Making History” and “Wilfred”). We love you, Tim from Tower.

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